Pet Vaccination

Puppy vaccination NewcastleAt Merewether Veterinary Hospital, we provide vaccinations for the important diseases of cats, dogs and rabbits.

For our feline friends, we vaccinate for feline herpes virus, calici virus, and parvo virus. We also can vaccinate for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) if your cat is suspected to be at higher risk of this particular disease.

For dogs, vaccination usually includes a “C5 vaccination”, which helps protects against parvo virus, distemper, hepatitis, and the two components of kennel cough, bordatella and parainfluenza. Importantly, we provide the gold-standard “triennial” (three yearly) vaccinations for the core vaccination of dogs.

For rabbits, we recommend annual calici virus vaccination. At the time of their vaccination, your pet will receive a full physical examination from Chris, Karen or Felicity, to ensure they are healthy and happy. Our veterinarians will thoroughly investigate any of your concerns, so please be sure to ask them about anything that is important to you and your pet.