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Keep your chocolate to yourself this Easter!

Around Easter each year, we often see patients who have helped themselves to one or more easter eggs! These accidents can happen easily, so it is really important to keep your eggs to yourselves. Chocolate toxicity can make dogs very sick, and in some cases can be fatal.

The type of chocolate, and the size of the dog, will affect the danger the ingestion poses to the patient. Always call for advice if your dog has eaten any chocolate, as they may need to be seen sooner rather than later to induce vomiting to limit the intoxication.

August is Dental Month!

Pet Dental Health month is an initiative of the Australian Veterinary Association

Every August we offer 10% off the normal cost of all dental treatments

Click on the link Fact_Sheet_Dental_Cats&Dogs to read a bit more about dental care for you pet.

Please phone us if you would like to book in for a dental check for your pet- they can’t tell us, so problems can easily go unnoticed!

Let’s keep our pets smiling!

August is Pet Dental Health month!

Bad breath (halitosis) is often the first sign of dental disease in your pet. Approximately 75% of dogs and cats have dental disease as early as 3 years of age. Poor dental health can lead to painful infections, poor appetite and tooth loss, as well as affecting vital organs including the heart, liver and kidneys. Good oral hygiene is as important for your pet, as it is for you.


There are many ways you can maintain good dental health for your pet, including: teeth brushing, types of foods, water additives, along with a professional scale and polish at your vet.

August is the Australian Veterinary Association’s Pet Dental Health month. During the month of August we are offering 10% off all dental procedures.

Any pet that has a dental procedure during the month may enter our competition to win a hamper full of dental goodies.

All you have to do is take a photo of your pet’s beautiful smile and send it to us via email We will select a dog and cat winner at the end of the month!

So it’s a good time to get up close and personal and check out your pet’s teeth- they may just need attention!

Happy Smiling

Christmas/New Year Opening Hours

Merewether Veterinary Hospital will have the following opening hours during the 2015/2016 festive season:


Thursday 24th December (Christmas Eve)- closing early at 1:30pm

Friday 25th December (Christmas Day) – CLOSED

Saturday 26th December (Boxing Day)- CLOSED

Sunday 27th December- CLOSED

Monday 28th December- CLOSED

Thursday 31st December (NYE)- closing early at 4pm

Friday 1st January (NYD)- CLOSED

For any emergencies please phone the Newcastle Animal Referral and Emergency Centre on 49577106 (see contact page)

Zara and Calvin

All other days during December/January we will be open as usual

We would like to wish all our clients and patients a safe and enjoyable festive season!



Very hot days can be dangerous for pets. Dogs and cats can’t just help themselves to an ice-block, or go for a swim or have a cold shower. Help your pet stay cool by ensuring they have lots of fresh, cold water and ample shade shelter or a cool place inside. MinnyGogglesMartyCoolAlso, to minimise the risk of heat stroke, do not walk your dog in the heat of the day. Certain breeds with short noses such as Pugs, Boston Terriers and Bulldogs (Brachycephalic breeds), are more prone to heatstroke as their respiratory system is not as effective at circulating air for cooling. Heatstroke is a very serious condition, requiring urgent attention. Some of the signs of heatstroke may include distress, rapid panting, salivation, red or blue tinged gums- if you have any concerns about your pet, seek veterinary attention immediately.

Puppy Preschool Graduates!

Meet our latest graduating puppy class – congratulations to Spencer, Ollie, Ari, Blizzard and Echo!





Between the ages of 6-16 weeks, a puppy will learn many of the social skills that it will retain for life, so not only is puppy school a lot of fun, it is just as important to your puppy’s long term health as nutrition and preventive care. It is also a wonderful bonding opportunity for you and your puppy.

Having classes held on site, also helps these pups build a positive association with coming to the vet, which often helps ease any anxiety for future visits. We look forward to seeing these guys grow up, some bigger than others!