Pet Grooming

Pet grooming services newcastleHere at Merewether Veterinary Hospital we offer a grooming service for pets with particular needs. This includes:

*Dogs requiring sedation, or for specific medical conditions.

*Cats requiring sedation to clip a matted coat.

In some cases, particularly for cats, grooming can be a stressful procedure. We are fortunate that here at Merewether Veterinary Hospital our vets are able to assess the grooming patient’s suitability for sedation if required. This will always be discussed with you prior to grooming your pet.

Our groomers are also qualified nurses so not only are they skilled in handling your dog or cat, they are very attentive to noticing skin or coat problems, which they can bring to your attention, and arrange for a consultation with our vet if required.

We offer grooming during weekdays, so please call us for an appointment.