Puppy Preschool Newcastle

Graduating from puppy preschool NewcastlePuppy Preschool and Behaviour Training

We provide Puppy Preschool classes onsite at Merewether Veterinary Hospital. The classes run for a 4 week block, and are targeted for pups aged between 6-16 weeks, who have had their first vaccination.

Our qualified trainers will provide a quality socialisation and learning opportunity for you and your puppy. This time in their life is a critical developmental phase, where a huge amount of learning occurs. Just like toddlers, puppies can be a bundle of joy one minute and a bit of a terror the next! Your trainer will give you tips and tools to manage common puppy behaviours such as biting, chewing, toileting accidents and jumping, as well as discussing basic needs including grooming, nutrition and parasite control.

Most importantly, you and your pup will have a lot of fun at our classes!

While puppy preschool can set you and your puppy off on the right track, sometimes problems with behaviour can develop as your puppy matures. Behavioural problems such as separation anxiety, inappropriate toileting, barking and aggression are common, and left unmanaged can really damage the bond you have with your dog. Occasionally, an underlying medical condition can be a contributing factor, so when these problems occur, we suggest you have one of our vets do a thorough physical examination.

Our staff are able to give you advice on managing many behaviour problems. Behavioural modification techniques, further training classes (juvenile or adult), medication , or referral to a local veterinary specialist in animal behaviour, may be recommended depending on the specific problem.