Very hot days can be dangerous for pets. Dogs and cats can’t just help themselves to an ice-block, or go for a swim or have a cold shower. Help your pet stay cool by ensuring they have lots of fresh, cold water and ample shade shelter or a cool place inside. MinnyGogglesMartyCoolAlso, to minimise the risk of heat stroke, do not walk your dog in the heat of the day. Certain breeds with short noses such as Pugs, Boston Terriers and Bulldogs (Brachycephalic breeds), are more prone to heatstroke as their respiratory system is not as effective at circulating air for cooling. Heatstroke is a very serious condition, requiring urgent attention. Some of the signs of heatstroke may include distress, rapid panting, salivation, red or blue tinged gums- if you have any concerns about your pet, seek veterinary attention immediately.