Pet Dentistry

Vet dental x-ray in Newcastle
Veterinary Dental X-ray

Healthy teeth and gums play a big role in the wellness and comfort of dogs and cats. Pets are often very ‘tight-lipped’ about their tooth problems, and can hide even serious dental disease from their families. At Merewethevet dentist Merewether, Newcastler Veterinary Hospital, part of your pet’s complete healthcare includes excellent dental and oral care. In our hospital, your pets can receive an ultrasonic scale and polish of their teeth, just like your dentist performs on your teeth, to remove harmful plaque and calculus. Also, we can provide state-of-the-art dental radiography. This means we can take individual xrays of your pet’s teeth and tooth roots, so that dental problems are not hidden away below the gums. A shiny smile and fresh breath is important for a happy, healthy pet.